Khadejah & Mustapha  have performed in theatres and television  throughout Europe, Tunisia, and America.  Their repertoire covers the spectrum of Middle Eastern and North African dance.


Born in America, Khadejah has lived abroad since 1987 in Europe,
the Middle East and North Africa. She was the Artistic Director of the
Ahlam Dance Theatre in Germany that she and her husband founded
in 1989. Known for her authenticity, she is a Master
Instructor/Choreographer and teaches and performs Internationally.
Her repertoire includes Raks Sharki, Arabic and North African folkloric
dances. Among her many successes, she opened the show for
Hakim at the Carthage Festival in Tunisia in 2001 and was the first
American invited to teach at Raqia Hassan’s Ahlan Wa Sahlan
Festival in 2002 and 2003 where she taught Tunisian folklore. She
performed with the renowned World Peace music group featuring Yair
Dalal. A member of the Tunisian Mothers Association, she has
participated in numerous fund raising charities to aid Tunisian
mothers and children. She is also a long time member and teacher
with the Bundesverband fur Orientalische Tanz in Germany.
Khadejah has appeared on television in the USA, Canada,
throughout Europe, Middle East and North Africa. She continues to
travel and study to expand her knowledge and seeks new inspiration
wherever she goes. She teaches private as well as group classes
and offers coaching for all levels.



Mustapha, a retired Diplome Civil Engineer, has acted and played in
several theatres in Munich and Frankfurt/M as well as in Tunisia.
Born in Jendouba, Tunisia, he has been dancing since he was a child
and has lived in Germany, the Middle East and North Africa.
Throughout his travels to Arabic and Balkan countries, he collected a
wealth of knowledge and new impressions about its people, their
culture and dances. He has incorporated this experience in his
workshops and performances. His heart belongs to all International
Folk Dances. He writes poetry and short stories and has successfully
done so in four languages. Although some of his work has been
published, his pen never gets tired and he is in the process of
publishing more of his work. His dance background includes folk
dances from Arabic and Balkan countries.